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Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

Feb 15, 2018

:33    What’s For Dinner: Jams

Ellen is a big jam maker. Here how she saves fruit for cooking up jams later. She advises that people new to jams and jellies get the Ball Blue Book or So Easy To Preserve

8:11   The Plant Noob: Lemon Cypress

This lime colored small tree is often sold at Christmas time as a holiday plant. Ellen and C.L. talk about how to keep it alive as a houseplant indoors, and where it can be planted outside. 

14:10  Eat/Drink/Grow: Scale

One of the hardest insect pests to manage is scale. In this episode we talk about scales found on indoor and outdoor plants, how to identify this pest and what treatments you can use.

15:51  Insider Information: Seeds

If you’re new to seed starting you’ll want to know when seeds can be started inside on a widow sill or under lights. Ellen and C.L. caution not to plant seeds too early! 

29:04  Love letters and questions: Greenhouse Gift Plants

Holding holiday gift plants until it’s time to plant them outside in spring.