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Jan 13, 2022

The Plantrama team discusses the common belief that eggshells provide quick calcium for plants. Next we look at the myths, misunderstandings and misuse of moss, and end with a question about making a terrarium.


:30  True or False:  Eggshells are good calcium for gardens

4:45  Eat/Drink/Grow:  Moss.

21:37  Love Letters...

Jan 6, 2022


Ellen and C.L. talk about eating chestnuts, the perennial plant that’s commonly called hellebores, and what it means when you are talking about pesticides. We end with a listener’s question about growing foxglove plants from seed.

 :34  What’s For Dinner:   Chestnuts 

6:31  Eat/Drink/Grow:   Helleborus


Dec 30, 2021

We start out discussing what can be substituted for rice when you cook. Our main segment is about grafted plants, and we end with a discussion about vegetable seeds that you might want to start in the winter, and whether it’s worth it to save a poinsettia from year to year.

:30  What’s For Dinner  Alternatives to...

Dec 23, 2021

In this just-after-the-solstice episode, Ellen and C.L. discuss how to use juniper berries, supporting heavy amaryllis flowers, taking cuttings and Cyclamen.

 Ellen's Smreka recipe here.

:30 What’s for dinner: What can you use juniper berries for?

5:00 Insider Information: Supporting heavy Amaryllis flowers


Dec 16, 2021

In this episode C.L. and Ellen explain what “bare root plants” are and why you might want them. Next, they talk about the genus Dracaena, which includes some of the most popular houseplants. They end by disagreeing about general rules for pruning (sorry Morgan).

:27  Plant Noob: Bare Root...