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Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

Feb 25, 2021

In this episode you’ll hear about ways to prepare the chard, kale or other greens you froze last summer. Learn why water beads up on some leaves, all about Cannas, and if hydrogen peroxide is a good thing to use on plant problems.

:30  What’s for dinner: Greens from the freezer

4:22 Insider Information: What are...

Feb 18, 2021

Ellen and C.L. explain what a “standard form” plant is and why you might want to plant the perennial yarrow in your landscape. Hear a rave review of Jessica Walliser’s new book about science-based companion planting, and learn about vole trails.

:30  Plant Noob: What’s a...

Feb 11, 2021

If you’re wondering about sterilizing soil for seed starting, growing peppers in your vegetable garden, or the best water for your houseplants, this episode is for you.

 :30  True or False:  You should bake garden soil in the oven, then use it to start your seeds indoors.
5:35  Eat/Drink/Grow: Growing Peppers
19:53 ...

Feb 4, 2021

:30    What’s For Dinner: Fennel
7:04    Eat/Drink/Grow: Epiphytes – what they are, some common houseplants that are epiphytic, and what this means for how we care for those plants.
15:03   Insider Information: What are pelleted seeds?
19:44  Love Letters and Questions:    Melissa writes about...