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Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

Aug 27, 2020

C.L. and Ellen and talk about ways to prepare eggplant, protecting your fall crops from frost, taking cuttings of shrubs and tender plants, and drying white hydrangea flowers.

:47  What’s for dinner:  Eggplant  
11:08  Insider Information:  Protecting fall crops if an early freeze is predicted.
16:56 ...

Aug 20, 2020

In this episode Ellen and C.L. give you a way to identify grasses, sedges and rushes, we discuss the mildew that you might be seeing on various plants, and answer a listener’s question about where to find unusual plants.

:39  Plant Noob:  Sedges, grasses and rushes.  

9:19 Eat/Drink/Grow:   A deep dive into...

Aug 13, 2020

Wondering if your zucchini can cross with the neighbor’s pumpkins? Want to know about planting where a tree used to grow? Ellen and C.L. talk about those topics plus finding inexpensive plants for shade and curling tomato leaves. 

 :37  True or False:   Zucchini can cross with pumpkins so that you get weird fruit....

Aug 6, 2020

Hear about two cocktails that use edible flowers, learn about the ways vines support themselves or climb structures, and discover how to tell which flowers are male or female on your summer squash. Plus we answer a listener’s question about fall vegetable plantings.


:45 What’s For Dinner: Flower Power Summer...