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Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

Jul 5, 2018

1:20 What’s For Dinner: Best Edibles

Ellen and I award a Golden Gnome to edible plants with surprising flavors.
3:56 Insider Information: Best desk bouquet Flowers   

What a treat it is to gather flowers and foliage for small bouquets. And the Gnome goes to…  
6:59 Eat, Drink, Grow: Science, Art and Dinner! And the Gnome goes to…

Best Gathering of The Plant Tribe, Wild Category: Wild Harvest Festival

Best Gathering of The Plant Tribe, Cultivated Category: Perennial Plant Association

Best Art Made With Plants, Wild Category: Mullbury Woods Frames

Best Art Made With Plants, Cultivated Category: Botanical collage by Peggy Turner Zablotny

Best Non-Plant Podcast That Featured Plants: Stuff You Should Know, January 2, 2018

Most Surprising Plant Book: An Arkansas Florilegium by Edwin Smith and Kent Bonar, published by the University of Arkansas Press
20.40 Did You Know: Best Fire Pit Plants:

Sedum acre and Thymus serpyllum… low, tough and…edible!
23.35 Love Letters and Questions: A love letter from Ellen and CL to other people. Best plant hashtag: #monsteramonday    

And The Gnome Goes To...