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Mar 1, 2018

30 What’s for dinner: Mustards, Cresses, and Peas Spring greens and Peas

What to forage for in early spring, and should you really plant peas on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Insider Information: Cymbidiums

How to grow Cymbidium orchids, keep them alive through summer and bring them back into flower.


9:15 Eat/Drink/Grow: Cold Frames and Other Ways of “Pushing Spring”

Ellen and C.L. explore the ways we can jumpstart our spring growing with cold frames and other means of protection. See the lyrics for Lou and Peter Berryman’s song that C.L. refers to on the Plantrama website. 


21:57 Did You Know: Shamrocks

At this time of year garden centers and grocery stores are filled with several types of Oxalis plants, sold as signs of spring and symbols of St. Patrick’s day. We talk about how to grow these as houseplants and use them in outdoor containers.


26:05 Love Letters and Questions:

Planting pansies as early as possible.