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Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

May 2, 2019

This episode of Plantrama was recorded live at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. Ellen and I talked about outwitting rabbits and deer, plus we argue about the benefit of pebble trays filled with water for humidifying plants. We had a great audience and the attendees asked many interesting questions.

:50       Did You Know:      Rabbit & Deer in the garden…may The Force be with us!
10:25   True or False?: Pebble trays filled with water for houseplants…do they increase humidity or not?
12:50   Inside Information: Lessons from the flower show
14:52   Eat/Drink/Grow: The Leaf stack challenge and questions from the audience including the following: Can deer be trained? Why no egg repellant spray on edibles? Does cannabis repel deer? And more!


For the recipe to make C.L.’s homemade rabbit and deer repellent, go here.