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Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

Sep 27, 2018

In Episode 50 Ellen and C.L. talk about growing leeks, the fall classic Chrysanthemum, and how Robbie found lumpy tubers in the windowbox. Plus we discuss why plants that are in pots won’t grow as large as the same plant put into the ground.

:33 What’s for dinner: Leeks

5:30 Eat/Drink/Grow: Mums! Whether you call them Mums Chrysanthemum, or Dendranthema, do you love them or hate them? Or do you eat them?

13:25 Did You Know:  Plants in a pot will stay smaller than those planted in the ground. What goes on below is reflected up above.

15:28 sweet potato vine tubers! Robbie cleared out window boxes and found some tubers in the soil. “I planted sweet potato vine,” Robbie writes, “are these edible sweet potatoes?”